The best festive fruit

Christmas is a time to treat yourself and indulge in delicious food and drink. There are so many different tastes around at Christmas and some of our favourite flavours come from those tasty festive fruits.


Clementines are THE fruit of Christmas. The best clementines are grown on the outskirts of the Valencia village of Nules in Spain. The Mediterranean climate and the rich soils of this area provide the best conditions to grow the best Clementines. In fact, this variety was discovered in Nules in 1953 and since then has been grown widely by local farmers.

The clementines available in M&S over the Christmas period come with the leaves still attached to the fruit. Clementines with leaves can only be supplied when the fruit is ready to be eaten at its best, that’s why clementines with leaves are a guarantee of freshness and ripeness. In order to keep the freshness of the leaves, the fruit is packed carefully 12-24 hours after harvest.

Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are such a delicious treat. These large, juicy dates are grown in Morocco and are known as the ‘King of Dates’ due to the large size and excellent taste.

Russet Apples

Russet apples are not exactly the prettiest apple, however, they taste wonderful. This British apple has a dense flesh with a sweet and nutty flavour. All M&S Russet apples are grown to the Perfect PickTM Protocol, which ensures M&S consistently deliver superior fruit. These apples are perfect served with cheese.

Conference Pears

Conference pears are a classic variety of pear, which is available all year round. The pears have a soft and sweet buttery flesh, with a crisp, green russeted skin. They are a great snack to have over the Christmas period, especially when you've had too many mince pies.