Why we love M&S bananas

We all love M&S food, but it would be easy to assume that M&S bananas are no different to bananas that could be purchased elsewhere. We have been finding out how wrong this assumption is.

M&S bananas are grown by sustainable sources from two primary areas, West Africa and the Caribbean. The M&S banana growers have a programme of continuous investment with an aim to improve systems, processes and growing practices, ensuring their bananas are always of optimum quality.

Compagnie Fruitiere supplies 100% of bananas to M&S, and are the grower and the ripener for all M&S bananas. They have a state of the art ripening centre in the UK, to make the bananas perfectly ripe and ready to eat when sold in store.

M&S has an excellent range of both loose and prepacked bananas, including Fairtrade and Organic, to suit your preference and the size of your household, making M&S an easy choice for your banana needs! The bananas are also price-matched to other high street stores, so you can choose the best without any worry about cost.

Compagnie Fruitiere also supplies M&S with a variety of baby bananas! They are more commonly known as bananitos and are surprisingly sweeter than a conventional banana when fully ripe. Perfect for snacks, treats and an adventure to explore more unusual varieties.