the bubblegum plum

We just love Flavorking plums at this time of year, they are the perfect snack to help you out of your New Year slump! Flavorking plums are a unique natural hybrid fruit, a combination of red plums and apricots. They have a very unique bubblegum flavour, which makes them extra special.

Our Flavorking growers have a specific M&S protocol to ensure we can provide you with the best taste possible. They cut the trees right back to give the plums the maximum amount of sunlight, and leave them on for as long as possible to darken the skin and intensify the sweet and delicious taste. The perfect Flavorking has a darker skin with speckles covering the surface. 

Our lovely growers are based in South Africa, Spain, Italy and France. These warmer climates provide the perfect environment to grow these gorgeous plums. Our plums are so special, they only grow during certain months to get the perfect taste. In South Africa Flavorking plums are in season between January to March, and in Spain, Italy and France Flavorking are in season between August to September.  

Marks and Spencer were the first retailer to sell Flavorking plums 16 years ago and since 2012 have been the first retailer to sell Flavorking plums grown within Europe!

Whenever Flavorking are in season, make sure to look out for their famous dark speckled skin in your local Marks and Spencer store! Flavorking plums are perfect for adding a little boost of flavour, whether you add them to a plum crumble, fruit smoothie or just eat them as a simple snack! Our favourite way to have Flavorking plums is to put it in a smoothie with raspberries and natural yoghurt. The bubblegum taste adds an extra flavour to your smoothie making it all the more sweeter and delicious.