Sumo citrus

This exclusive new citrus variety was developed in Japan and is known as "the most prized fruit in Japan". This variety of orange has been developed over 30 years in Japan, and it combines the easy-peel Japanese satsuma with the big and juicy oranges from California. 

 It’s no wonder that this easy-peel seedless orange is proving to be such a success. Its fresh and intense flavour is just one of the many reasons why you should try the Sumo Citrus variety.

This unique orange, which is now grown on family farms in California’s San Joaquin Valley, is naturally seedless and low in acidity levels, making it great for anyone that has trouble with the high acidity levels found in other citrus fruits.

 Sumo Citrus has a very small amount of albedo/rag (the white part) making it easier to break apart while leaving less of the white "netting" on the fruit, which is a factor that can put many off choosing an orange as a healthy snack.

The Sumo’s "top-knot" makes one-piece peeling easier than ever before. Its natural sweetness makes it the perfect snack for young children and adults alike. A Sumo top tip is to give your orange a gentle squeeze - if it feels like it gives a little that means it’s at its optimum taste and it’s ready to eat! Sumo packaging is safe and environmentally friendly meaning when you’re finished you can pop everything in the recycling bin.

Sumo Citrus are in season from September to October, from Australia and February to March from California, so make sure you pick yours up from your local Marks and Spencer.