innovations in morocco

We have a new secret! This may look like a strawberry, but it is the next generation that will reduce the need for pesticides, as it is resistant to many diseases! Growers love it and it has a delicious taste. The only sad thing about this strawberry is that it does not yet have a name. Can anyone think of one?

Talking of secrets, we have another secret weapon up our sleeves! Did you know that there is a biopesticide that is safe for bees, but that protects the flower? When the bee comes out of the flower, it walks on a cotton wool-like material that has this biopesticide on it. When it then lands on another flower it pollinates the flower but also protects the flower to prevent mould from growing, which is one of our biggest problems when it comes to soft fruit. This means precise application at a low level, using nature's finest insect to assist with crop management.

This map image is technology at its best. Each block can be irrigated with different ratios of water, food and nutrients. This means we can give every plant what it needs, rather than a blanket approach. This is linked to an app that tells you what the plant needs, offering better quality, less disease and a lesser environmental impact.

The blue pumps you see in this image are for water with a high salt content. Working via reverse osmosis it removes salt to produce clean water for plants. This means our farmers can use water that is not normally suitable for growing crops, which is sustainable in the long term, even though not cheap to set up.