food and mood

The food we eat can really affect our mood and well-being. Eating healthily can do a lot to improve our mood. It is important to have a healthy and well-balanced diet to get the best nutrients we can.

It is important to eat regularly and have consistent meals throughout the day. When your blood sugar is low, this can make you feel tired, irritable and even depressed. Therefore, eating regularly will help to keep your sugar level steady. However, try to avoid foods which will make your blood sugar rise and fall rapidly, such as alcohol, sugary drinks and snacks.

Fruit and vegetables contain a high amount of important vitamins, minerals and fibre, which keep us physically and mentally healthy. It is good to eat a variety of different fruits and vegetables of all different colours. This ensures you get a wide range of nutrients, as eating several portions of the same fruit will not have the same effect. Bananas contain potassium which is important for your body's nervous system and brain. Bananas also have slow release energy which makes them a good fruit to consume before or during sport activities.

Keeping yourself hydrated is another key element to staying healthy and happy. If you don't drink much water in the day, you might find it hard to concentrate on things. Try to reduce your caffeine intake as this is a stimulant. Having too much caffeine can make you feel depressed or anxious and can even affect your sleep. Herbal and green teas are much better to drink, instead of regular tea and coffee.