a stocking full of oranges

Christmas Eve is full of joy and excitement as everyone is getting ready for Christmas Day. For some it is a last minute panic, trying to find the last few items and for others it is time to pop open the bubbly and begin early celebrations. 

However, the best part of Christmas Eve is putting your stocking by the fireplace, to be filled with lots of goodies to be received in the morning. It is the anticipation and suspense of what's going to be in your stocking in the morning that makes it so exciting.

Who still finds an orange in the bottom of their stocking? It is an old tradition and many people still receive an orange on Christmas day. However there are a few stories as to why you find an orange in the bottom of your stocking….

St Nicholas

St Nicholas was a wealthy man who lived in the 4th century. He heard that a poor man was unable to afford dowries for his three daughters'. Therefore St Nicholas wanted to help and dropped sacks of gold down the chimney into each of the daughters' stockings. The oranges we receive are a symbol of the kindness of the gold that was left in the stockings.

The Great Depression

During the Great Depression in the 1930’s, many families were unable to afford gifts. As money was so scarce, it was a treat and a luxury to find an orange in your stocking on Christmas morning. When the Great Depression ended, many families carried on this tradition.

Season of Giving

December is the season of giving and the segments in an orange represent sharing what you have with others.

We think oranges are a perfect festive gift and add that extra bit of joy and colour to Christmas. Marks & Spencer easy peel clementines with leaves are available in store now and would fit perfectly into the bottom of a stocking. They have a delicious sweet flavour and really are easy to peel, despite the many ‘easy peelers’ out there that appear to exaggerate! The fragrance of M&S easy peelers is second to none - if you want to experience ‘Christmas’ then peel one of these and you will instantly feel festive! When we have taken them to shows, members of the public have been able to smell the fruit from some distance and have come specifically to locate it because it smelt so good! We believe these really are the best clementines on the market.