Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Mother’s Day is a celebration to honour all of our wonderful mums. It is a day full of love and kindness. Whether you see your mum every day, or only once a year, a Mother’s love is always with you.


23 March 2017

Innovations in Morocco

We have a new secret! This may look like a strawberry, but it is the next generation that will reduce the need for pesticides, as it is resistant to many diseases! Growers love it and it has a delicious taste. The only sad thing about this strawberry is that it does not yet have a name. Can anyone think of one?


08 March 2017

M&S Visit our Farms in Morocco

The M&S team is out visiting our growers in Morocco, to look at blueberries with supplier Berry World, which is always their first produce trip of the year. The first day of the visit was to one of the best blueberry growers in the world, which is a farm called Africa Blue. Africa Blue grows the Costa variety of blueberry, which has an amazing flavour and grows really large! 


06 March 2017