Eating Fruit After Sport

After a normal physical activity: running, jogging, walking, cycling, medium-low intensity sport, our body needs to recover essential minerals and also it needs protein to develop muscle growth. After sport we need to assimilate all of the nutritional content as fast as possible, so fluid and liquid intake is essential.


20 July 2016

Kiwis on Tour

Zespri SunGold and Green kiwifruit have been travelling across the South of the country recently as part of our recent promotion, “Kiwis on tour!” We visited 5 popular locations in England, sampled the fresh fruit and shared our kiwi knowledge with the general public.


18 July 2016

Rainier Cherries at Just V, Olympia

Rainier Cherries mark the start of the stone-fruit season at Adventures in Fruit, and as they're such a special variety, we always look forward to sharing them with people, and being at the Just V show gave us the perfect opportunity to invite people to try something special and different.


15 July 2016

Rainier Cherries

Rainier Cherries are a special variety of cherries which originated in 1952 in Washington, USA. They are named after Mount Rainier, which is the highest peak in Washington. 


14 July 2016

Meet The Supplier, Jayne Chamberlain

Jayne Chamberlain is the Market Manager for Zespri UK and Ireland. She markets the Zespri Green and Sungold Kiwifruit under the Zespri brand name. Jayne is very passionate about kiwifruit and is enormously proud of the dedication of everyone in the Zespri Global team. 


11 July 2016

Meet The Grower, Soonthorn

Adventures in fruit are delighted to promote Thai fruit in the UK, in conjunction with the Royal Office of Commercial Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy. We like to get to know our fruit framers to find out more about their job, and in this case we wanted to know a little more about life in Thailand. We spoke to Soonthorn, the grower of some of the amazing Thai fruits which are supplied to the UK.


04 July 2016