Valentine's Day Meal for Two

It’s that time of year again where flower sales sky rocket and everything in the shops turns pink and fuzzy, Valentine’s Day! We all know roses are red and violets are blue, but did you know that plum puddings are the ones for you? Bet you didn’t! We’ve put together a fool-proof meal plan for any love birds looking for a fruit-filled dinner.


14 February 2017

Fare Healthy

Fare Healthy is a fantastic gathering of all things healthy and happy. From the 4th until the 5th of February, The Old Truman Brewery was full of enthusiastic visitors ready to ‘EAT, MOVE and THINK’. 


13 February 2017

The Bubblegum Plum

We just love Flavorking plums at this time of year, they are the perfect snack to help you out of your New Year slump! Flavorking plums are a unique natural hybrid fruit, a combination of red plums and apricots. They have a very unique bubblegum flavour, which makes them extra special.


06 February 2017