5 Healthy Smoothies

There are so many ways to enjoy healthy smoothies. Spring is now here and many of us are thinking about eating more healthily in anticipation of holidays and those summer shorts. So what could be better than a fresh and healthy smoothie, especially now you can tailor the smoothie to fit your requirements.


25 April 2016

Monster Race

Ready, set, go! On Saturday the Adventures in Fruit team challenged themselves and took part in the Monster Race. This was a tough 6.5K army-like training race through thick mud and icy cold water.


19 April 2016

Introducing Carlos Amoros Genuine Coconuts

Adventures in Fruit represents fruit growers and suppliers from all over the world, who supply top-quality fruit to M&S. It aims to connect the consumer more closely with the suppliers, so that we all have more knowledge about where our food comes from. Today we would like to introduce you to Carlos Amoros who is the Founder and Managing Director of Genuine Raw Coconuts. Have you ever tried the refreshing Genuine coconut water in M&S stores?


12 April 2016

BBC Good Food Show Spring

This weekend we are travelling up to Harrogate to sample Genuine Coconuts at the BBC Good Food Show, Spring. We are excited to go to this great event and meet all the other exhibitors and visitors. 


04 April 2016

Apple Selfie Poster Winner

A few months ago we went into the University of Gloucestershire and set the illustration students a challenge. Taking inspiration from the painting ‘Son of Man’ by Rene Magritte, we wanted the students to create an A4 flyer to promote the #appleaday campaign.


24 March 2016

Genuine Coconuts at Vegfest

We were very lucky to take lots of Genuine Coconuts to Vegfest. The coconuts originate from Thailand and are grown naturally and organically. The coconuts are the NAM HOM variety, which are fragrant, sweet and have many health benefits. Genuine Coconuts are special because you can drink the fresh coconut water directly from the coconut itself without the need for tools to open the nut!


11 March 2016

We have gone nuts

At Vegfest, Brighton we sampled various types of dried fruit and nuts. They went down a treat and people were interested to try the fruit and nut combinations. The deliciously fruity nut and berry mix is a perfectly sweet snack.


10 March 2016

Medjool Dates and Agen Prunes at Vegfest 2016

We had something different and special at Vegfest this time. It was such a treat to have Medjool Dates and Agen Prunes at the weekend. The dates were delicious, sweet and the first product to sell out!


09 March 2016

Flavorking Plums at Vegfest Brighton

Flavorking plums are such a unique fruit, and we took plenty of them to sample over the weekend at Vegfest. It was great to have such a popular fruit for this event. They were a huge hit! Many people had not tasted Flavorking plums before and thought they were delicious. People couldn't quite believe how tasty they were, and were intrigued to know that they are a natural hybrid fruit.


08 March 2016

Vegfest Brighton

Following the very popular Vegfest show in London last year, we decided to go to Vegfest, Brighton.


07 March 2016

Flavorking in Windsor and Oxford

Last week was a busy week for trailer days. We went to two prime locations and sampled Flavorking plums.


23 February 2016

Genuine Raw Coconuts

They have arrived! Genuine raw coconuts have landed in M&S stores across the country.


15 February 2016

Pans at the ready

Today we've made some delicious pancakes to mark Shrove Tuesday.  Simple to make, and easy to enjoy, here is a selection of our favourites!


09 February 2016

Flavorking Plums are Back

Have you ever tried a Flavorking plum? They are a cross between a classic plum and a velvety apricot, providing them with an extremely sweet ‘bubblegum’ flavour.


01 February 2016

A Day at Chicory Crops

We had a lovely day at Chicory Crops fruit farm on Thursday, 21st January. We went along to meet brothers Jake and Rupert Simpson to find out how the farm works and what their favourite aspects of farming are.


28 January 2016

Envy Apples in Warwick

We took 300 British Envy Apples to Warwick. Car loaded with crates of shiny red apples, we set off to Warwick. After getting slightly lost on the way, we safely arrived at the Market Place of this historic town. This was a great place to set up as there was a steady flow of people wandering around.


19 January 2016


Feeling musical? Love fruit? Then why not sing us a song about fruit?


16 December 2015

Snoopy Fruit Poster

Being healthy is important, so let's make it fun! 


16 December 2015

Padstow Christmas Festival

We’d been looking forward to taking our fabulous 1950s ice cream trailer, emblazoned with Adventures in Fruit branding, to Padstow’s famous Christmas Festival for quite a while. Even though we were to be pitched outside, exposed to the worst that Padstow’s weather could throw at us, we were excited to be in one of the Britain’s most charming fishing and seaside towns during the run-up to Christmas.


08 December 2015