Stone Fruit Adventures in Bath

On Tuesday our stone fruit tour arrived in Bath, laden with juicy white-flesh nectarines and delicious greengages. Beautiful Bath and was filled with shoppers, families and tourists enjoying everything the city has to offer under blue skies.


25 August 2016

Meet the Grower, Jake and Rupert Simpson

Jake and Rupert Simpson own a beautiful fruit farm in the picturesque Herefordshire hills, called Chicory crops. The brothers have both been farming since they were small as “it is more of a family life rather than a job”. They are third generation growers with their grandfather starting one of the first pick your own farms in the UK after WW2. Their Dad started their current business in the 70's growing chicory which gave the business it's name. 


22 August 2016

Fun Fruit Recipes for Children

It is important for children to have a healthy and well balanced diet. It can sometimes be difficult to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables, which are an essential element to their diet. Therefore we have come up with a few ideas for how to get children to eat more fruit. 


15 August 2016

BBC Countryfile Live

Last weekend we ventured to the beautiful countryside in Oxfordshire to bring our fruit to the wonderful people at the brand new BBC Countryfile Live show. We spent four days at this busy show overlooking Blenheim Palace. The show was full of chef demonstrations, funfair rides, busy stalls and special shows. 


12 August 2016

Touring the farms...

A day out in Herefordshire and Ross-on-Wye


04 August 2016

Our Adventure With Pink Gooseberries

On Friday we were very lucky to promote and visit the farm where pink gooseberries are grown. We set off nice and early to arrive at the farm to collect the fresh fruit. We then headed to Hereford to give out samples of the fruit to the public. 


01 August 2016

Eating Fruit After Sport

After a normal physical activity: running, jogging, walking, cycling, medium-low intensity sport, our body needs to recover essential minerals and also it needs protein to develop muscle growth. After sport we need to assimilate all of the nutritional content as fast as possible, so fluid and liquid intake is essential.


20 July 2016

Kiwis on Tour

Zespri SunGold and Green kiwifruit have been travelling across the South of the country recently as part of our recent promotion, “Kiwis on tour!” We visited 5 popular locations in England, sampled the fresh fruit and shared our kiwi knowledge with the general public.


18 July 2016

Rainier Cherries at Just V, Olympia

Rainier Cherries mark the start of the stone-fruit season at Adventures in Fruit, and as they're such a special variety, we always look forward to sharing them with people, and being at the Just V show gave us the perfect opportunity to invite people to try something special and different.


15 July 2016

Rainier Cherries

Rainier Cherries are a special variety of cherries which originated in 1952 in Washington, USA. They are named after Mount Rainier, which is the highest peak in Washington. 


14 July 2016

Meet The Supplier, Jayne Chamberlain

Jayne Chamberlain is the Market Manager for Zespri UK and Ireland. She markets the Zespri Green and Sungold Kiwifruit under the Zespri brand name. Jayne is very passionate about kiwifruit and is enormously proud of the dedication of everyone in the Zespri Global team. 


11 July 2016

Meet The Grower, Soonthorn

Adventures in fruit are delighted to promote Thai fruit in the UK, in conjunction with the Royal Office of Commercial Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy. We like to get to know our fruit framers to find out more about their job, and in this case we wanted to know a little more about life in Thailand. We spoke to Soonthorn, the grower of some of the amazing Thai fruits which are supplied to the UK.


04 July 2016

BBC Goodfood Show Summer

Last week we ventured to the NEC in Birmingham to exhibit two fruits at the BBC Goodfood Show, Summer. We brought with us delicious Zespri SunGold kiwis and amazing Sapphire Raspberries.


27 June 2016

Sapphire Raspberries and Zespri Kiwis

Summer is a great season for all the bright, delicious fruits. We have just come back from the BBC Good Food Show, Summer in Birmingham where we have be sampling some wonderful Sapphire raspberries and Zespri SunGold Kiwis. 


24 June 2016

Fruit News

It is that time of year where there is a lot happening across all our our farms in the UK and abroad. We have some exciting new fruits coming up, so make sure you look out for them in store.


06 June 2016

BBC Good Food Show Summer in the City

Last Thursday we headed to Excel in London's Royal Victoria Dock, not far from the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf, to take part in the Summer in the City show. We brought with us a range of fresh Thai produce which many people may not have tried before. All of the produce we brought has earned the Thailand Trust Mark, which not only guarantees you that the quality will meet your high standards, but also that the growers are well-treated and that ethical and environmental best-practices are met.  We knew visitors to the show would be in for a range of special treats when they visited our stand.


31 May 2016

Thai Fruit Campaign

Exciting news! We are delighted to announce that we have a Thai fruit campaign coming up this summer, which will let you know about all the interesting and unusual fruits which are grown in Thailand. 


16 May 2016

Mango and Coconut Cooking Day

We love getting into the kitchen and creating delicious recipes to share with you. Last week we took to the kitchen and cooked some recipes with mangoes and coconuts. 


09 May 2016

Cherry Blossom at Chicory Crops

Last week we visited Jake and Rupert’s farm, Chicory Crops in Ross-on-Wye to take a look at the progress of the British cherry crop for 2016. We visited them back in January where the trees looked bare and the weather was cold. Now the trees are covered in lots of beautiful white flowers, ready to develop into cherries. 


03 May 2016