Plums And Flying Colours

A colourful day at Cotswold Airport

We had a superb time at the Longfield Hospice Flying Colours Run, sampling our beautiful British Jubileum plums. The event was very well organised, with registration for the run on board a vintage Boeing 747. The plane had been completely emptied out inside, but that offered incredible views across the airport, where aeroplanes (mostly light aircraft) were taking off every few minutes. 

The runners started to assemble in their white T-shirts, but with a colourful array of accessories, such as tutus, neon sunglasses, leg warmers, crazy socks and sweatbands. It really was a bright and cheerful occasion! Everybody was kept on their toes by a lively and fun Zumba warm-up routine, with three songs to dance along to. We were very impressed by the number of people that got really involved with this, shaking their legs and waving their arms to some great music. 

Before long it was time to head to the start line, where small packets of powder paint were given out for a big 'paint explosion' start, guided by the DJ. The horn sounded and they were off! Men, women, and children crossed the line and began the arduous 5km race, punctuated by explosions of paint at every kilometre in different colours. 

The first runner came through incredibly quickly with a time of around 17 minutes, challenging us all to re-think our running training! She was very fast indeed. Gradually more followed, including some really fast children and young people. As you can imagine, everybody crossing the finish line looked like a running rainbow, being covered in all sorts of colours. It was quite a spectacle!

After all that running, people were only too happy to have a fresh, juicy plum, given to them in a traditional brown paper bag, complete with our competition flyers and a leaflet about the fruit that is coming up at M&S. We gave away many kilos of plums and had a lot of interest in the provenance of the product. 

Here is a short video of the event: