pink tiger lemons

Exciting news! Marks and Spencer is thrilled to introduce the Pink Tiger lemon exclusively to its stores in the UK. This is a very special and unique lemon and we are very excited to share it with you. 

Slightly larger than a regular lemon, the Pink Tiger lemon is a unique variety that looks dramatically different with its striking green and yellow striped skin. The surprises do not stop there, as the flesh is pink! This fruit is perfect for those who love something special and different.

Pink Tiger lemons were first discovered in California. However they are now grown all year round in the warm, fertile valley of Aguilas in Southern Spain, with over 300 days of sun every year providing the perfect climate to produce this perfect fruit. This fruit is available for 10 months of the year. However growers are working hard and aim within 5 years time to develop crops to cover all 12 months of the year.

Agronomist and Fruit Expert at M&S Andrew Mellonie said ‘Pink Tiger is an incredible lemon variety that has a wonderful pink internal colour and a variegated green and yellow skin.  Its flesh is more aromatic and perfumed standard lemon varieties and this together with its bizarre appearance make it perfect for inclusion drinks and cocktails. They are amazing in a Gin and Tonic’.

High in vitamin C, the striped lemon looks amazing in drinks, with fish or in desserts. Whilst the colour of the skin and flesh makes it the perfect adornment with salads and seafood.

Keep an eye out for Pink Tiger in M&S stores!