Greengages In Store Now

Who gets nostalgic when they think about greengages? Did anyone grow them in the garden when they were younger? These small green/yellow tinged plums have a sweet and 'jammy' taste and are a traditional British favourite!

We are going to give you some tips for how to find a great greengage.

  1. The yellower the fruit, the sweeter the taste, as this colour generally indicates higher sugar.
  2. The main and best variety is Reine Claude, so check the label to find this name.

Greengages have a limited window of availability, from the end of July to mid-September (or the end of September if the weather is kind!)

Greengages are imported from France, Portugal and Spain and some UK greengage crop will be available in the next few weeks.

This year they are available for the first time in M&S Franchise stores in a small zip lock bag format (£2 for 300g), but generally they are available in all other M&S stores in a punnet. £2.50, 350g. 2 for £4 / 3 for £6

Send us photos of your greengages, especially if you grow them in the garden! Maybe you can give us your top tips.