British Plums at Crystal Palace

In a location where we found sports, trains, dinosaurs and a college...

It was a slightly cloudy day when we arrived at Crystal Palace and met our very helpful host, who invited us to park our trailer next to Crystal Palace station. Have you ever been to this station? It looks fantastic inside, with a beautiful little healthy café full of friendly people just to the left as you walk through the door. Our pitch was by a colourful mural of a train full of dinosaurs, which had been painted by children. 

Our aim for the day was to sample and gather public opinion on four wonderful varieties of British plums:


Firstly, we had the classic Victoria - a beautiful purple and yellow mottled plum that is a good size and has a sweet taste. This is a great plum to buy if you are thinking about doing some cooking with plums, as it really excels in culinary usage. 


The Hagenta plum is known as a dessert plum, with a slightly smaller size, but a beautiful aroma. It is delicious to eat (very sweet and aromatic), which makes it a great plum to buy if you fancy something a little bit different.


If you don't like your fruit really sweet, this lovely plum has a slightly sharper taste. It is a lovely blue/purple colour with yellow flesh and it is very refreshing.

The people of Crystal Palace were really friendly and all enjoyed trying our different plum varieties. We received comments such as, "You are magic makers, what a wonderful treat!" and, "We will definitely buy them in Marks & Spencer!" We gave out traditional grocer's paper bags with a competition flyer, our 'Coming up this Summer' flyer, our social media card and of course a selection of plums to take on the train.