Adventures in Fruit arrives in Swindon

Swindon was the location for the next step on our trailer tour. Loaded down with delicious French greengages, and after successfully navigating the notorious magic roundabout, we carefully inched down the pedestrianised town centre towards The Parade.

Our Adventures in Fruit car and trailer certainly attracted plenty of attention! As we set up curious passers-by stopped us to ask why we were there. It is great to draw a crowd so early in the morning!

Now this trailer day was all about the amazing greengages that are sold in M&S. if you are not so familiar with greengages then here is a little history…

France was where the first true greengage was cultivated. They were imported into England in 1724 by Sir William Gage - their namesake! Greengages are related to the common European plum and are considered among the finest dessert plums. There are also redgage and yellowgage varieties which are exclusive to Marks and Spencer (look out for these in a future blog).

Greengages are not as well known as plums here in the UK (or so we thought) and we were excited about our the reaction we were going to get in Swindon.

The family who had approached us while we were setting up were each rewarded with a greengage. They had never tried the fruit but were very happy to taste it. The response was unanimously positive. ‘Yummy,’ the children agreed and mum and dad exclaimed ‘so sweet’. The perfect start to the day!

We had no idea how familiar the people of Swindon would be with greengages. It turned out that many associated greengages with eating them as children and having grandparents who grew them in their garden. While they were new to many, there is obviously a long history with the people of Britain and greengages. Everyone who tried them loved them! Many said they did not know where they could buy them and we were happy to send them off in the direction of M&S.

Our day in Swindon was most successful and we would like to thank everyone who stopped to talk to us for being so welcoming. We heard some great stories about childhood adventures and the scrumping of greengages from neighbours, and it was good to also introduce so many people to this fruit.

Next stop is Weston-Super-Mare with a trailer full of British cherries!