A Bumper Crop for British Apricots

We have some exclusive fruit news for you… Tree-ripened British apricot should be in store by the end of this week! The beautiful apricots on these trees are being grown by our farmer Robert Hinge, who can be seen on the wall of the M&S store in Marble Arch.

Robert’s apricots are maturing really well. They are harvested at the point where they are absolutely ripe and ready to eat. There is no artificial ripening process and the resultant taste is a wonderfully rich apricot flavour.

We are really excited about the volumes of apricots that are growing in our orchards this year. Apricots are such a delicate fruit that we never know year to year whether the weather will be kind. Two years ago we had hardly any fruit available due to bad frosts during the blossom season, which causes us a lot of trouble. However this year we had pretty perfect conditions at the right times and with this sunshine we are enjoying, the fruit sugars are maturing nicely.

These beautiful British apricots will be in M&S stores at £4 for a 500g pack, tree-ripe and ready to eat. We recommend that you pick some up and try them.

Do you have an apricot recipe you could send us? Send us an email.