BBC Countryfile Live 2017

BBC Countryfile Live covers up to a hundred acres of land and plays host to hundreds of activities and stands in the grounds of Blenheim Palace.


11 August 2017

Summer Fruit Bowl

Summer is a wonderful season when the days are long and the sun is shining. It is a time of year when lots of sweet juicy fruit is perfectly ripe and in season.


06 July 2017

This Morning Live

A few weeks ago we ventured to the NEC in Birmingham to promote fresh Sapphire raspberries and Premium blueberries, at This Morning Live.


01 June 2017

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Mother’s Day is a celebration to honour all of our wonderful mums. It is a day full of love and kindness. Whether you see your mum every day, or only once a year, a Mother’s love is always with you.


23 March 2017

Innovations in Morocco

We have a new secret! This may look like a strawberry, but it is the next generation that will reduce the need for pesticides, as it is resistant to many diseases! Growers love it and it has a delicious taste. The only sad thing about this strawberry is that it does not yet have a name. Can anyone think of one?


08 March 2017

M&S Visit our Farms in Morocco

The M&S team is out visiting our growers in Morocco, to look at blueberries with supplier Berry World, which is always their first produce trip of the year. The first day of the visit was to one of the best blueberry growers in the world, which is a farm called Africa Blue. Africa Blue grows the Costa variety of blueberry, which has an amazing flavour and grows really large! 


06 March 2017

Valentine's Day Meal for Two

It’s that time of year again where flower sales sky rocket and everything in the shops turns pink and fuzzy, Valentine’s Day! We all know roses are red and violets are blue, but did you know that plum puddings are the ones for you? Bet you didn’t! We’ve put together a fool-proof meal plan for any love birds looking for a fruit-filled dinner.


14 February 2017

Fare Healthy

Fare Healthy is a fantastic gathering of all things healthy and happy. From the 4th until the 5th of February, The Old Truman Brewery was full of enthusiastic visitors ready to ‘EAT, MOVE and THINK’. 


13 February 2017

The Bubblegum Plum

We just love Flavorking plums at this time of year, they are the perfect snack to help you out of your New Year slump! Flavorking plums are a unique natural hybrid fruit, a combination of red plums and apricots. They have a very unique bubblegum flavour, which makes them extra special.


06 February 2017

Why We Love M&S Bananas

We all love M&S food, but it would be easy to assume that M&S bananas are no different to bananas that could be purchased elsewhere. We have been finding out how wrong this assumption is.


30 January 2017

Wind Down and Relax

Stretching before bed is a great way to help you to wind down and relax your muscles. By relieving the tension in your muscles, will enable you to have a more restful sleep. We suggest these four simple stretches which are really easy to do before you go to bed. 


23 January 2017


Don’t be frightened at the thought of going vegan for a month, there are so many yummy things you can still eat! Get a head start to your Veganuary with our top super easy vegan recipes!


16 January 2017

Walking into a Healthy Lifestyle

Walking is an easy and free way to get active and become healthier. It is ideal for all ages and fitness levels. NHS choices says, “regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers”. Therefore, it is really important to walk whenever you can. 


09 January 2017

A Stocking Full of Oranges

Christmas Eve is full of joy and excitement as everyone is getting ready for Christmas Day. For some it is a last minute panic, trying to find the last few items and for others it is time to pop open the bubbly and begin early celebrations. 


22 December 2016

Coming Up - Apples and Pears in London

We have an exciting week ahead - we are taking apples and pears on a London adventure.


07 November 2016

Pink Tiger Lemons

Exciting news! Marks and Spencer is thrilled to introduce the Pink Tiger lemon exclusively to its stores in the UK. This is a very special and unique lemon and we are very excited to share it with you. 


31 October 2016

The Thailand Trust Mark

The Thailand Trust mark is a symbol of trusted quality and excellence, which was established to add distinctive value to Thai products and services. 


04 October 2016

Aerobatic Apples

Who said fruit was boring? Last Friday our M&S apples went on their biggest adventure yet! 


27 September 2016

The Cheshire Cat Cake Shop and Bakery

The Cheshire Cat Cake Shop & Bakery is a new company who are setting up in Cheltenham. They wanted some reviews on their cakes and delivered us some fantastic pecan cakes last Monday. They were so good we challenged them to come up with creative ways to incorporate our current seasonal fruit - apples and pears into delicious cupcakes, in celebration of National Cupcake Week last week. 


26 September 2016

Apples and Pears, The Perfect Pick

It is apple and pear season at the moment and we are excited to start lots of fun activities with these fruits. There are a lot of different apple and pear varieties in the supermarket and it can sometimes be tricky to choose which variety is the best for your needs and taste. 


19 September 2016