Envy Apples in Warwick

We took 300 British Envy Apples to Warwick. Car loaded with crates of shiny red apples, we set off to Warwick. After getting slightly lost on the way, we safely arrived at the Market Place of this historic town. This was a great place to set up as there was a steady flow of people wandering around.

Lots are people were intrigued by the fruit car and came over to see what we were doing. Our first customer rushed over before we had set up. He was very excited to learn that he was able to sample the apples as he had not tried Envy apples before.

Envy apples are the ‘perfect pick’ and a brilliant lunchtime treat. They are a cross between Braeburn and Royal Gala apples. Envy apples are deliciously juicy and sweet with a crisp white flesh.

They proved to be very popular in Warwick as lots of shoppers, office workers and tourists descended upon us to try the variety. One gentleman even passed by twice to collect more samples! He said he contemplated wearing a disguise on the way past so we would give him more apples. Once word got out that we were handing out apples, many people came down on their lunch breaks to receive our Envy apples. Everybody was very positive about the apples and said they were delicious.

We would like to thank everybody in Warwick who visited us on Friday. We had a lovely day so hope to visit again one day. Envy apples are available at Marks & Spencer.